Zoom new features Added- Two new features of ‘Zoom’ processor for Apple iPad Pro models!

Zoom new features Added: Zoom Processors has announced that Apple has released two new features to the latest iPad Pro models.

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The ‘Zoom’ processor was one of the most popular processors during the Corona normal freeze period. It can be said that this processor played an important role in being used to connect to their office while people were paralyzed at home during the pandemic.

Till now working from home has been a trend. In this way, video conferencing is being used by all parties from big celebrities to school children.

Zoom new features Added

In such a situation, the company is introducing some features in the zoom processor to reach the customers easily.

In that sense, Apple has built some features in the recently released iPad Pro models. Introducing me, Apple’s 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models at center stage.

This means that if a person moves normally while talking on a video, his figure may not be clearly visible for a few seconds.

iPad Pro models

However, the above iPad Pro models do not have this problem. Ultra White Front Camera, Machine Learning (ML) has been placed so that users can see their image clearly even while on the move. Thus they can proceed at any time.

Zoom video calls more naturally

This allows users to participate in Zoom video calls more naturally. This feature is currently available only on Zoom 5.6.6 version. The company said that it is planning to update the processor soon.

Another feature is that it expands the gallery view. A video magnifier feature is introduced.

For Zoom users, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will have this feature. The company says that it will continue this feature in iPad Pro models.

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Zoom new features Added- Two new features of ‘Zoom’ processor for Apple iPad Pro models!

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