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TCS Peru Banking and Retail advanced the number of transactions with technology by three years


TCS Peru Banking and Retail advanced the number of transactions with technology by three years: Since CADE Executives 2022 Sangram Sahoo, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Peru, told that the pandemic accelerated many digitization and digital transformation projects for companies.

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“We are going to close the year with double-digit growth. It has been a good year for the company and for the industry. For next year we plan to continue growing with large clients in different areas that continue to invest in technology with the aim of reducing costs or increasing their efficiency towards the client”, he indicated.

TCS Peru Banking and Retail

He added that there are services that will drive such growth towards cloud migration and infrastructure, followed by automation with RPA and/or artificial intelligence.

A look at the back office

At another point, Sahoo said that after the pandemic, companies were interested in providing service to the client, but also to their backoffice.

“In addition to seeing how the customer can buy online, but you also have to see the black office parts. In this sense, we are seeing that there are many clients who are focusing on customers, but also on the black office to provide good services for the client”, he said.

“This was not prioritized before, but now we have to prioritize because the number of transactions by banks and retailers is increasing. They advanced to 2022 what they projected to do in number of transactions in 2025. So, we must now invest in improving the black office and the core of the business”, he added.

For the executive of TCS Peru, there are opportunities to modernize the core of the business, “since the companies are pointing towards it, looking at their sustainability.”

He also commented on the expansion of 5G and business opportunities in State entities.


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