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LunchClub processor launched in India – Know What is ‘LunchClub’?


LunchClub processor launched in India: American company Lunch Club Processor is now available for public use in India.

Lunchclub is a processor that professionally connects single-minded people or individuals with artificial intelligence.

After downloading and logging in to this processor on a mobile phone, the user will be asked questions including general interests and goals. Within hours of responding, it will contact us to meet with someone else who will spy on our response. Currently arranging to communicate through video call due to Corona.

LunchClub processor launched in India

The company’s next target is to reach one million Indian users by the end of 2021.

According to Lunch Club CEO Vladimir Novakovsky.

“India is of global importance when it comes to professional relations. We have seen great success and growth in the US market. We hope it will be popular in India as well.”

You Can Join LunchClub by Click Here

LunchClub processor launched in India - Know What is 'LunchClub'?
LunchClub processor launched in India

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What is Lunchclub?

Lunchclub’s professional networking tools promise to offer a more nuanced approach to building career connections, but do they live up to those claims? Here’s what you need to know about the promising network and how it can apply to your next job search or startup collaboration.

Lunchclub works by asking questions about your background, career goals, and interests, and then using artificial intelligence to match you with someone who may have overlapping goals or resources.

How much does it cost to join Lunchclub?

Lunchclub is free to join as of this publication date, but you may need an invitation to sign up. However, some users were able to sign up right away. As a condition of registration, you will never be asked for payment information and users can instantly benefit from various platform features.

Lunchclub members earn coins roll over for future rewards

As Lunchclub members complete more activities, refer friends, and take referrals, you’ll earn coins that you can roll over for future rewards and permissions. It is still unclear how the platform will monetize beyond the funding it has raised so far.

How can I join Lunchclub?

Lunchclub advertises itself as an invite-only platform, but at the time of this writing we were able to sign up without a redirect from the homepage. The registration process was simple:

  • Enter your name
  • Email information
  • Click on the relevant suggestions for your goals
  • Interests and reason to join
  • Upload a photo (optional)
  • Add a short bio along with a LinkedIn profile and Twitter links
  • Answer starter questions like, “Something I learned today…”
  • Confirm your registration by e-mail
  • Connect your Google account

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and you should see some matches right away.

If you don’t feel comfortable scheduling appointments right away, you can skip a week. The platform will show you a calendar that you can set to show your available time slots that others can choose for future virtual or face-to-face meetings.

What advantages are provided with a Lunchclub membership?

Lunchclub membership includes the ability to connect with people you might not otherwise meet. But what are the other benefits of this platform?

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Build connections with Lunchclub

If you’re OK with leaving a little bit of your future behind for data and opportunities, Lunchclub offers some exciting prospects. Just don’t expect this to be the way for you to share your next viral marketing article.


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