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France’s economic the hidden part of Macron’s statement


France’s economic the hidden part of Macron’s statement- Troubled companies and others left without fear of Chinese presence.

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The statement of the French president’s lovers against Algeria is characterized by severe economic bleeding for his companies in Algeria, and a marked decline in the French presence compared to China, Turkey and Italy.

France’s economic the hidden part of Macron’s statement

French annoyance was evident in the Algerian-Chinese rapprochement almost 4 years ago, when the French Senate, through a special report, expressed clear alarm over the Algerian-Chinese relationship at the commercial, economic and space (satellite) levels, noting that China The Silk Road is in the process of developing a new economic concept.. and technology from Pakistan to Algeria, which requires French and European action to counter this Chinese expansion.

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Committee on Foreign Affairs

A 183-page media report prepared by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces on March 30, 2018 in the French Senate (Sena) states that Algeria will benefit from Chinese technology in the field of satellites . , as part of Beijing’s policy to expand its space cooperation to launch satellites. Industrial Management, Management and Control signed its first contracts with Algeria, Pakistan and Venezuela in 2010, and the contracts included Beijing to bear part of the financial costs of these works.

Launch of a modern Algerian satellite

France's economic the hidden part of Macron's statement
France’s economic

According to the report’s authors, the case, at the time of the launch of a modern Algerian satellite in December 2017, from a platform via a Chinese missile, was made as part of a strategy that China would incur financial costs for its Also provided by satellite only.

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East–West Highway project

According to the same report, the Algerian-Chinese rapprochement also came in the infrastructure sector at the expense of France, explaining that the country had completed the East–West Highway project, which was known to delay its delivery with additional costs. used to go. For its real value, poor completion and non-payment of wages to the workers in the project, the liability on Chinese companies without incident, apart from the port of Hamdania in the center, which would be done by Chinese companies.

The report calls for French and European mobilization to counter China’s economic expansion in North Africa, particularly in Algeria, according to the report.

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French economy and finance minister

And the French economy and finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, has already openly expressed concern about his country’s annoyance and the Algerian-Turkish relationship, particularly at the economic level, and insisted that if Paris Having given way to competitors such as Turkey and China, France would find itself in Algeria in great difficulty and trouble, recognizing the existence of minimal economic ties between the two countries in the event of clinical death.

Great economic difficulties

The French Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, said at a hearing in the French National Assembly (Parliament) on 28 January 2020 in response to a question by Deputy Amjid El Ghorb, relating to the situation in Algeria and, more broadly, the Maghreb situation. The political upheaval caused great economic difficulties, as the stability of the political door to achieving economic stability.

Political difficulties in Algeria

French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed that what he called political difficulties in Algeria (referring to the popular movement and the fall of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika), prevented Paris from exploiting French–Algerian economic relations. Minister Le Maire).

It is also notable that French companies that have been in Algeria for decades have fallen into an unreliable position, some of them having left the country forever and some on the verge of leaving, a situation that is known to have led to the fall of France. Closer to the weather has been described. companies. As autumn leaves fall, that French company hasn’t lived in Algeria since the turn of the millennium.

With a simple arithmetic operation, it is clear that the company “Ratabi Paris“, which is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the capital’s metro, has left the country and the authorities have not renewed their contract with Algerian since October. Awarded 2020.

Sios“, a partner company of the water and sanitation company in the capital “Sial”, has also moved since September 1, as the authorities refused to renew the partnership agreement signed in 2006, which has already been renewed three times. Already happened.

Bank of Algeria

The Bank of Algeria also withdrew credit for the activities of the French bankCredit Agricole” last March, for reasons related to its refusal to raise its capital in response to a request from the Bank of Algeria, which was led by all was did. Accredited banks and banks in Algeria.

The Renault Automobile Company is in an unstoppable position in the light of the suspension of imports of parts and parts intended for assembly and assembly units in Oran, which made the unit in a state of temporary inactivity, and even laid off many workers. Also kept and employees.

Ministry of Power


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