CryptoCurrencies attracting the digital age; Coming New Law 2021: Important Notice | cryptocurrency

CryptoCurrencies attracting the digital age; Coming New Law 2021: Important Notice: As a word that has beome more and more popular in the digital age in recent times cryptocurrency there is. Nowadays it is often in the news and starts reaching the general public.

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even in india cryptocurrency The business is currently in progress. Efforts are being made to ban private cryptocurrencies soon and introduce special cryptocurrencies of the Reserve Bank.

Cryptocurrencies attracting the digital age

Cryptocurrency in this matter and the important steps being taken in this regard are as follows:

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Indian Ctypto Coming New Law

* Statistics show that there are 15 million to 20 million crypto investors in India.

* Total cryptocurrency Investment approx Rs. 40,000 crores.

* Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, costs $60,000.

* Its price has doubled since the beginning of this year and has attracted local investors in India as well.

High returns on investment in crypto currencies

* Lately, there has been an increasing number of ads promising easy and high returns on investment in cryptocurrencies.

* There were also complaints that it is misleading investors

* The Reserve Bank has expressed serious concerns about private cryptocurrencies.

* Steps are being taken to introduce a new bill for this in the winter session of Parliament.

CryptoCurrencies attracting the digital age; Coming New Law: Important Notice | cryptocurrency
CryptoCurrencies attracting the digital age

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India introduce a new bill in the winter session

* This bill is being developed as the Cryptocurrency and Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill 2021.

* The federal government may ban the use of cryptocurrencies for transactions or payments.

* There are also plans to promote the technology and applications of cryptocurrency.

*by these changes* cryptocurrency The crypto market is expected to function in the same manner as the stock market once the trading order is formalized.

* In the meantime, it looks like the Federal Reserve will issue a new cryptocurrency as an alternative.

Crypto currency market

Ever since there is talk of bringing crypto law in India, the crypto market is going down ( crypto currency prices ), there has been a panic in the investor of India, what to do now, the government has clearly said private crypto currencies will be ban after crypto currency bill 2021. They will all be banned. Bill Preparing Over crypto currency.

Countries with Crypto as a Legal Tender

Invester in CryptoCurrencies check below which country has make legel tender in their country.

CryptoCurrencies as a Legal Tender

List of Countries who is make Crypto as a Legal Tender

#Country / RegionContinentCurrencies SupportedDate
1El SalvadorAmericasUSDBTCfrom 6/9/2021

List of CryptoCurrency Exchange

1. WazirX

Wazirx is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange in India, using which any user can trade cryptocurrencies in it. At the same time, not only Indians, any user of the world can do crypto trading in it.

CryptoCurrencies attracting the digital age; Coming New Law: Important Notice | cryptocurrency
CryptoCurrency: Wazirx is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange in India


In recent times, WazirX is one such cryptocurrency exchange that has been well-liked by Indians. This is because in a very short time its amazing features have attracted everyone’s attention and together it is very easy to use it or its services. The basic objective of this company is how it can become India’s most trusted Bitcoin exchange. The best part is that they are also succeeding in their objective.

Next CryptoCurrency Exchange …


Is crypto legal?

Is crypto legal? No, it is not legal/illegal everywhere right now, but many countries of the world are preparing to legislate on crypto, and it has been completely banned in some countries, neither can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in that country. But you can’t even do mining.

Is crypto safe to buy?

You can buy crypto from a trusted exchange, before making a purchase, take a good knowledge of that exchange, then buy and sell crypto on it.

Why are cryptocurrencies important?

The demand for crypto is going to increase further in the coming times, because the coming era is the era of metaverse, and in the coming times no one will be left untouched by it, because the coming era cryptocurrency will become a necessity. According to sources, on which Facebook has started work on the project, it is quite possible that transactions will be possible only in digital currency, in which cryptocurrency is going to play an important role.

Is crypto banning in India?

No, not now, new CryptoCurrency law 2021 to come in India in winter session 2022, after discussion in Parliament, governments will decide, but according to sources, private crypto will be banned in India

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