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1500 per cent returns: Gravita India Limited Soars to New Heights, Renowned investor Ashish Kacholia portfolio stock hits 52-week high


1500 per cent returns Gravita India Limited: Welcome to our guide on one of the most remarkable success stories in the stock market—Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio stock. In this article, we will delve into the astounding 1,500% return achieved by this renowned investor and explore the reasons why this stock has reached a remarkable 52-week high. Join us as we uncover the key insights and factors that make this investment opportunity stand out, and why it deserves your attention.

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1500 per cent returns: Gravita India Limited

Gravita India Limited, a leading player in the Indian market, has recently achieved new milestones, showing remarkable growth and delivering impressive returns to its shareholders. Gravita India Limited continued to attract investor attention with its share price hitting a 52-week high of Rs 595.00 on Wednesday and registering a gain of over 1.50%. In this article, we will look at Gravita India Limited’s recent achievements and key highlights along with its growth trajectory and the factors contributing to its success.

Consolidated Performance and Revenue Growth: Gravitas India Ltd

In the last one month alone, Gravitas India Ltd shares have gained more than 10%, indicating the company’s steady upward momentum. Moreover, lead investor Ashish Kacholia currently holds 2.15% stake in the company, which shows confidence in its future prospects. Comparing Kacholia’s stake, which stood at 2.08% since December 2022, we can see a steady rise in his investment in Gravitas India Limited.

Moving on to the financial performance of the company, in Q4FY23, Gravita India Limited achieved remarkable results on a consolidated basis. The company’s revenue stood at Rs 748.93 crore, representing a robust growth of 12.39%. Additionally, the bottom line experienced a substantial growth of 40.33%, reaching Rs 63.99 crore. These impressive figures underscore the company’s ability to generate revenue and grow profitability.

A Visit to Multibagger Returns

Gravita India Limited has been instrumental in generating multibagger returns for its shareholders over the years. This remarkable growth can be seen through its stock price, which increased from Rs.34.10 on May 15, 2020 to Rs.576.25 on May 17, 2023. Highlights the extraordinary growth of over 1550% within the holding period of three years. Exceptional performance and capability of Gravita India Limited. This success has not only rewarded long-term investors but has also attracted new market participants looking for lucrative opportunities.

Stock Performance and Trading Highlights

On Wednesday, the scrip of Gravita India Ltd. opened at Rs.573.95 with a high of Rs.595.00 and a low of Rs.569.85. The closing price of the stock was Rs 578.50, showing a significant increase of 1.58% over its previous closing price of Rs 569.50. These trading highlights emphasize the positive sentiment surrounding the company and its ability to consistently deliver favorable results for investors.


Gravitas India Limited has emerged as a significant player in the Indian market showcasing remarkable growth, consistent returns and investor confidence. The company’s recent achievements, along with its strong financial performance and impressive stock price appreciation, make it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking substantial returns. With its unwavering commitment to create value for the shareholders, Gravitas India Limited continues to consolidate its position as a top contender in the market.

Shares of this company give high Returns
Shares of this company give high Returns

Know about Ashish Kacholia

Background: Ashish Kacholia’s Investment Prowess

Ashish Kacholia, a renowned investor with a proven track record, has garnered significant attention in the financial world. His ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities and generate substantial returns has made him a prominent figure among investors. Kacholia’s investment strategy revolves around meticulous research, in-depth analysis, and a long-term perspective. He focuses on identifying undervalued stocks with significant growth potential and holds them with conviction, allowing time to unlock their true value.

The Portfolio Stock: An Unparalleled Growth Story

The portfolio stock handpicked by Ashish Kacholia has witnessed a phenomenal growth trajectory, astonishing both market experts and investors alike. With an exceptional 1,500% return, this stock has demonstrated its potential to generate substantial wealth for those who seized the opportunity. But what factors contributed to this extraordinary growth? Let’s explore the key elements that propelled this stock to its current heights.

1. Strong Fundamentals and Solid Financial Performance

The portfolio stock exhibits robust fundamentals, making it an attractive investment prospect. A thorough analysis of its financial performance reveals impressive revenue growth, healthy profit margins, and strong cash flows. These factors indicate the company’s ability to effectively execute its business strategy and generate consistent returns for its shareholders.

2. Disruptive Innovation and Market Leadership

The stock owes its success to its position as a market leader in a rapidly evolving industry. It operates within a niche that is experiencing disruptive innovation, with the company at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements. This market dominance enables the stock to capitalize on emerging opportunities, solidifying its long-term growth prospects.

3. Expansion into Lucrative Markets

Recognizing the potential of untapped markets, the portfolio stock has strategically expanded its operations geographically, targeting regions with high growth potential. This expansion not only diversifies its revenue streams but also positions the company to leverage emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge.

4. Effective Management and Strategic Vision

The stock owes much of its success to a competent and visionary management team. The leadership’s ability to navigate market challenges, adapt to changing dynamics, and drive innovation has played a pivotal role in shaping the stock’s growth story. Their strategic decisions and prudent risk management practices have instilled confidence among investors and propelled the company forward.

Should You Consider Investing in This Stock?

While past performance does not guarantee future results, it is essential to assess the investment potential of the portfolio stock. Before making any investment decisions, consider the following factors:

1. Thorough Fundamental Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the stock’s fundamentals, including its financial health, competitive advantage, and growth prospects. Analyze key financial ratios, such as price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, return on equity (ROE), and debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio, to gain insights into its valuation and stability.

2. Market Analysis and Outlook

Examine the market conditions and future outlook for the industry in which the stock operates. Evaluate factors such as market size, competition, regulatory environment, and emerging trends to determine


What is Gravita India Limited’s primary business focus?

Gravita India Limited primarily focuses on the recycling of lead, plastic, and other non-ferrous metals. The company specializes in providing environmentally friendly recycling solutions and sustainable practices.

What factors have contributed to Gravita India Limited’s impressive growth?

Gravita India Limited’s growth can be attributed to various factors, including its strong market presence, strategic partnerships, technological advancements, efficient operations, and the increasing demand for recycled materials. These factors have helped the company expand its customer base and generate consistent revenue growth.

Who is Ashish Kacholia, and why is his stake in Gravita India Limited significant?

Ashish Kacholia is a prominent investor who currently holds a 2.15% stake in Gravita India Limited. His investment in the company signifies his confidence in its future prospects and growth potential. Kacholia’s stake is closely monitored by market participants due to his successful track record in identifying promising investment opportunities.

What is the significance of Gravita India Limited’s multibagger returns?

Gravita India Limited’s multibagger returns indicate a substantial increase in the value of its stock over a specific period, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors. These returns reflect the company’s exceptional performance, strong fundamentals, and the market’s positive response to its growth strategies.


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