WhatsApp accepts payments in cryptocurrency? WhatsApp trials in-app cryptocurrency payments using Meta

WhatsApp accepts payments in cryptocurrency?: Stefan Kasrel, head of the Novi cryptocurrency wallet of Meta Platforms, (Facebook), said that the wallet will allow its users to send and receive money through the WhatsApp messaging application.

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WhatsApp accepts payments in cryptocurrency?

Kasrel said in a tweet, Wednesday, that the beta project is open to a limited number of users in the United States.

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He added that using the wallet does not affect the privacy of messages and calls on the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp trials in-app cryptocurrency payments using Meta

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Meta Platforms has been working on the wallet app for several months as it scaled back its global plans to issue a digital currency called Diem due to regulatory concerns.



  • Original author(s): Jan Koum, Brian Acton
  • Developer(s): Meta Platforms, Will Cathcart – Head of WhatsApp
  • Initial release: 2009; 12 years ago

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Know About Novi Wallet

In 2019, Facebook teased plans for a Libra-linked cryptocurrency, Libra (see Libra). However, central banks and authorities around the world were not enthusiastic about the idea, and there were concerns that Facebook was trying to expand its powers.

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In addition, many of the early Libra sign Sapi quickly backfired. Subsequently, the name of Tula was changed to Dim Seeer Dim Association was formed. Novi Wallet aims to replace the original Libra Wallet, see will support new wallets when available. Wallet currently accepts Paxos Dollars Quick see and easy transactions without hidden fees

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