California election results Check Result and News

Voting ends in California, and millions of dollars were spent in this election

Now it remains to be seen which of the seven ballot measures are passed.

Will a Republican win statewide office for the first time since 2006, or even come close?

Be patient, some answers will become clearer than others

But very close bouts cannot be decided for days if not weeks.

Election live results on top-line races


Up-to-the-minute returns in the races for the US Senate, governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

California now mails ballots to all registered voters,

And any ballots posted to date will be counted until November 15th.

Of the 22.2 million ballots sent as of Monday, about 5.5 million had been returned

California's election results will be certified in early December, and the Secretary of State will publish official vote counts by mid-December.

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