Home Russia News Russia agrees to continue humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria

Russia agrees to continue humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria

  • Russia agrees to continue humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria
  • Moscow has in recent weeks threatened to veto the arrival of aid in areas controlled by the Syrian opposition along the border with Turkey.
  • Thanks to this aid, coordinated through the United Nations, 4.5 million people live in an area prone to war and famine

Russia agrees

After vetoing last Friday Humanitarian aid arrives in northwestern Syria Via turkey, Russia The U.S. acknowledged this Tuesday that aid continues to reach opposition areas in the Arab country.

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It works through the coordination of aids United Nations, in there security Council With this institution, Russia has veto power. China, the United States, France and the United Kingdom, this support will work six months And, in January, it will have to be renewed again at the Security Council.

“The issue we are dealing with is life or death, and tragically many may die Wicked The country that took its veto & rdquo; has been implemented, the US ambassador to the United Nations said on Friday, Linda Thomas Greenfield, During the Russian veto, tensions were evident in the Security Council: even China, which supports Russia in its policy Syrialeft alone Moscow in your veto. However, a settlement has been reached this Tuesday.

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a desperate situation

In north west syria currently live near 4.5 million people, most of whom have been displaced by the war. a 90% of them It survives because of foreign aid; Near Two lakhs They survive because of him.

Russia threatens to close border crossings every year bab al hawa The only one through which aid can enter Syria—years ago it could have entered through three distinct phases, but Moscow vetoed both—and it does, according to experts. make concessions than its western rivals.

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However, this year looked different: Russian threat Vetoing all aid input was far more direct. with war in ukraine and between the bridges America You Europe And Russia broke down completely, many feared a Russian blockade. It hasn’t ended like this.

In exchange for allowing aid for another six months – something that scares some Onejes who fear the Russian veto could come next January, in the middle of winter– Russia has managed to commit to the study of sending more aid to the United Nations for Damascus and be president Bashar Al Assad, Moscow’s ally, the one who distributes aid to opposition regions in an uncertain future. During the conflict, Assad has used hunger and restrictions on humanitarian aid as a weapon of war.



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