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Monthly SIP hit a record Rs 10,351 crore in September


Monthly SIP hit a record Rs 10,351 crore in September: With investments exceeding Rs 10,000 crore for the first time in September, the popularity of planned investments – Systamic Investment Plan (SIPs), which make mutual funds a comprehensive investment option, is steadily increasing.

Monthly SIP hit a record

As per the data released by AMFI, a total of Rs 10,351.33 crore was invested in SIP accounts, taking the total to Rs 4 crore at the end of September 30, 2021.

Amphi said in a monthly report that the record ‘SIP’ contribution reflects the growing credibility among investors, as well as the fact that the mutual fund industry is moving in the right direction. 26 lakh new SIP accounts were launched in September alone.

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Net inflow of equity funds stood at Rs 8,677.41 crore

Monthly SIP hit a record
Monthly SIP hit a record

Net inflow of equity funds stood at Rs 8,677.41 crore in September. Flexi Cap Fund contributed a total of Rs 8,677 crore, while ELSS Fund, which is being used as a tax-saving option, made a net outflow of Rs 872 crore during the month.

Liquid funds, ultra-short duration funds, and short duration funds

An astonishing Rs 63,910 crore was disbursed from debt funds in September. Investors pulled out huge sums from liquid funds (Rs 48,379 crore), ultra-short duration funds (Rs 10,908 crore) and short duration funds (Rs 16,609 crore).

However, analysts have estimated that most companies may have withdrawn the temporarily withheld funds from the fund for the purpose of paying the second installment of advance tax in September.

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Investor contribution to balanced advantage funds increased by nearly Rs 5,000 crore, index funds (Rs 3,104 crore) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (Rs 7,660 crore) in September.

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The increase in monthly ‘SIP’ contributions

The increase in monthly ‘SIP’ contributions from new investors and tier II and III cities outside the metropolitan area is encouraging. As a fund house, we always tell investors that this well-planned and long-term investment discipline is ideal.

SIP returns also emphasize the need to commit to investing over a long period of time to see good returns.

‘D. P. Singh, Business Officer, SBI Mutual Fund

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