MEF gives Congress a free letter to modify the public budget law of 2023

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MEF gives Congress a free letter to modify the public budget law of 2023: However, far from this happening, there was a strong disagreement between this working group and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

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MEF gives Congress a free letter to modify the public budget law of 2023

The reason for this was that during the debate on the prediction of the aforementioned standard, which began on November 16 with 45 articles without consensus, the parliamentarians requested to include a series of modifications. For this, the Budget Commission requested a formal opinion from the MEF on the feasibility of the requests, but the Junín jirón entity preferred not to respond.

“We have evaluated these proposals and if there is no informal response, it is because in the end, who makes the evaluation of the budget and the debt law is the Budget Commission,” said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Kurt Burneo.

Prior to the session, the MEF had sent a letter signed by Burneo himself to the Budget Commission, in which he transferred the responsibility to parliamentarians for the approval of the budget law, but reminds them that they must respect the budget balance. That is to say, it gives Parliament a free hand to make the modifications it deems appropriate.

The former Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Oliva, affirmed that it is the first time that the MEF transfers all responsibility to Congress for the public budget, since an accompaniment is always made to avoid including aspects that affect public finances.

Even the former minister affirms that the letter sent by the MEF has contradictions, because on the one hand it transfers the responsibility to the congressmen for the modifications and approval of the budget law, but he points out that the allocation of the public budget is an “exclusive attribution ” of the Executive Power.

“The Executive Branch proposes but the one that approves it is Congress, which cannot increase the proposed amount, but it can reallocate it. Congress is not a party table,” Oliva said.

Congress ensures “technical coherence”

The president of the Budget Commission, José Luna Gálvez, affirmed that the presiding group will assume its role of making a budget based on what the Constitution says.

He affirmed that he will maintain “technical coherence” and that if it is decided to prioritize a game, resources will have to be balanced. “If it goes up on one side, it goes down on the other. There is no free lunch,” he said.

In addition, he stated that his focus will be on the reactivation of the economy through public works that generate jobs.

congressional requests

Intermediate room. After the impasse between Minister Burneo and the Budget Committee, in which he was invited to withdraw from the session at the end of his speech, the president of this Working Group, José Luna, sent the session to an intermediate room . It is expected that the forecast with the new text that includes the requests of the congressmen will be ready on Tuesday and will be debated no later than Wednesday.

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