Introduced Jewel One ‘NIRJHARA’ Diamond Jewelry Collection- AGB

Introduced Jewel One ‘NIRJHARA’‘: Jewel One ‘NIRJHARA‘, a new diamond jewelry collection has been launched. Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited has launched its new diamond jewelry collection in Chennai.

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The new collection is named NIRJHARA as it is specially designed based on the beauty of the water fall .

Introduced Jewel One ‘NIRJHARA’

The new diamond jewelery logo and collection were unveiled by the company’s Managing Director K Srinivasan, CEO N Vaitheeswaran and company officials at the Jewel One branch in Purasavakkam.

This diamond jewelry collection has been created with artistry by the most experienced in jewelry design .

Jewelry is manufactured by Emerald Jewel Industry India

These are made of natural diamonds. The jewelry is manufactured by Emerald Jewel Industry India. Founded in Coimbatore, it is today the largest diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia.

Hallmark certification guarantee

“Our Emerald has made a huge difference in the way people wear jewelry. We have created a great revolution in this field by combining technology with art. Important among these are measures, including mandating Hallmark certification to guarantee the quality of jewelry. We have been emphasizing quality since the day we started engaging in this industry.

Hallmark quality certification

Our Jewel One jewelry has been with Hallmark quality certification since its inception in 2012, ”said K. Krishnan, Managing Director, Emerald Jewel Industries. Srinivasan mentioned this while introducing the Diamond Jewelry Collection.

Jewelry brand Zilara

“We now plan to add super stockiest, stockiest and retailers to the jewelry business with a view to popularizing the silver jewelry brand Zilara. .

Nirjhara” has created this unique diamond jewelry collection based on the beauty of the falls . Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely designed and created by skilled artists. The design of each piece of jewelry is an expression of natural beauty.

We are confident that the Jewel One brand of jewelry will be well-received by women as these jewelry are designed with women in mind, ”said N. Vaitheeswaran, CEO of the company.

Choice of women in jewelry

Choice of women in jewelry– It will definitely be the choice of women who will face challenges and succeed in that line. We have introduced this with the theme ‘Your Life – Your Search‘ (Tagline) to realize it. I

Your Life – Your Search

Your Life – Your Search -It is not only suitable for today’s generation of fashionable women but also to express their mental strength and beauty.

The Ayanaa Collection

The Ayanaa Collection: Our company has recently launched the ‘Ayanaa Collection‘ based on flowers and gold jewelry , which has been well received by women. This in the same order. He added that he expects Nirjhara diamond jewelry collection to be well received in the.

New jewelry collection with 70 different designs

The new collection includes necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants in 70 different designs. The price of these products is Rs. Starting at 30 thousand. A maximum of Rs. Jewelry is available for up to Rs 5 lakh. ”

Jewel One has launched the new collection at its 14 outlets in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

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