House for All scheme- Know all about House for All Yojana

House for All scheme: The government is reducing the interest rates on home loans to promote the ‘House for All’ scheme. The interest payable on our home loan is tax deductible up to Rs 2 lakh under section 24 and up to Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C for principal. Perhaps, this house can be rented out if you have to leave town for work; or sell.

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Home is always a basic need

As we know Home is always a basic need. It is understandable for the government to say that a man needs a house. There is no need to sacrifice everything else for this. New renters can move out of the rented home if needed first, drink near the office, and enjoy life’s smaller, smaller pleasures.

House for All scheme

You can also get HRA tax deduction. Relax and save money for down payment and buy a house with bank loan. If you can make a down payment of 50% of the cost of the house as much as possible then the EMI burden will not be there.

Those looking to buy homes can also view properties that banks are auctioning off. Such auctions are profitable for both the banks and the buyers. Those who participated in the auction once and bought the property can seek re-auction.

Fund Sharing under PMAY(G) – 2016-2017

  • Central Share (60%) :Rs.72,000/-
  • State Share (40%) :Rs.48,000/-
  • Unit cost fixed by GOI : Rs.1,20,000/-

Existing RCC Roofing cost provided by:Rs.50,000/- Govt. of Tamil Nadu

Total Unit Cost per house in TN : Rs.1,70,000/-

Instead of trying to recover, buy the house in small quantities first and build up your savings after a while to buy the home of your dreams. Best wishes!

The Criteria for Automatic Inclusion as follows.

  1. Households without shelter
  2. Destitute / living on alms
  3. Manual scavengers
  4. Primitive tribal groups
  5. Legally released bonded labourer

Otherwise, will be determined on the basis of their cumulative missing points. Families with no adult members between 16 and 59.

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Female headed households

In this initiatives House for All scheme this preferences for Female headed households have no adult male member in the middle 16 to 59 years of age. Families where there is no adult above the age of 25 Families with any disabled members and no able-bodied adults Member. Landless families get a major part of their income manual casual labour. As per SECC 2011, 60% target should be set for SC/ST.3% is to be allotted to persons with disabilities.

Housing for all program

With the launch of the housing for all program in the country Resettlement of refugees immediately after independence and since then Then, it has been a major focus area of the government as a tool If poverty alleviation.

IAY Now PMAY-G Housing for All” by 2022

House for All scheme- Know all about House for All Yojana
House for All scheme-

Keeping these gaps in rural housing program in mind and Government’s commitment to provide “Housing for All” by 2022, The scheme of IAY [ Indira Gandhi Awas Yojana ] has been restructured into Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Rural (PMAY-G) with effect from 1st April 2016

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana PMAY-G

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – PMAY-G aims to provide a pucca house with basic amenities and this under this scheme HFA PMAY-G which household living in raw and dilapidated house, by 2022.

Cover 1.00 crore Household in HFA Yojana

Immediate purpose is to cover 1.00 crore Household living in the raw home / in a dilapidated house Years there from 2016-17 Till 2018-19. the minimum the size of the house increase to 25 (from 20 a hygienic with cooking place.

HFA PMAY-G Now Rs.70,000 to Rs1.20 lakh

Unit has been assisted Rupee. 70,000 to increased from Rs 1.20 lakh in plains and Rs 75,000 to Rs 1.30 lakh in hilly areas in states, difficult areas and IAP districts. The Beneficiary is entitled 90/95 Person of Unskilled Workers from MNREGA.

The assistance for building toilets Will be availed through convergence with SBM-G, MGNREGS or any Other dedicated sources of funding. convergence to drink from the pipe water, electricity connection, LPG gas connection etc., under various Government programs also have to be tried.

House for All Share between Central and State Government

The cost of the unit support is to be shared between the central and the state government is in the ratio 60:40 for plain area and 90:10 for north Eastern and Himalayan states from annual budgetary grants for 95% funds to be released to States/UTs for PMAY-G

Construction of new houses under PMAY-G

Construction of new houses under PMAY-G. It will also include 4% Allocation for administrative expenditure, 5% of budgetary grant to be maintained at the central level as a reserve fund for special projects

Selection of Beneficiaries from other category:

  1. Households with widows
  2. Families where any member is suffering from leprosy or
    People with cancer and HIV.
  3. Families with single girl child,
  4. That family who belongs to Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers
  5. Transgender persons.

House specification:

The minimum unit (home) size is 25 square meters (or) 269 square feet.
No contractor should be involved in the construction of the houses. Suggested elevations and font layouts.

It will be adopted during the construction of the houses. However, less
Changes can be made within the total area of 269 square feet. Issuance of sanction orders:

AwaasApp and AwaaSoft

The geotagged photograph of the beneficiary in front of the housing unit, where she currently resides and the proposed The site that the beneficiary proposes to build the house must be captured with AwaasApp and uploaded to AwaaSoft.

Beneficiary in AwaaSoft

At the time of registration of the beneficiary in AwaaSoft, details or bank account, nominee name and MGNREGS work card number of the beneficiary and Aadhar should not be captured.

House for All scheme- Know all about House for All Yojana
House for All scheme-

Construction of houses in HFA MPAY-G:

HFA PMAY-G the construction of beneficiary house should be completed within 12 month from the date of sanction.

Fund Sharing under PMAY(G) – 2016-2017

  • Central Share (60%) :Rs.72,000/-
  • State Share (40%) :Rs.48,000/-
  • Unit cost fixed by GOI : Rs.1,20,000/-

Existing RCC Roofing cost provided by:Rs.50,000/- Govt. of Tamil Nadu

Total Unit Cost per house in TN : Rs.1,70,000/-


Construction of a toilet is through funding from Swachh Bharat MissionGramin (SGM-G) or MGNREGA. The house shall be treated as completed only after the toilet has been constructed.

Sensitization of the Beneficiaries

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